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What Other Customers Have Said About Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

  • Ariana Barnard

    Got this auto hair curler because my old one finally broke down. But this thing is cordless! It”s a great improvement overall, it works like a charm, so my highest recommendations

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  • Mario Mann

    As a guy with short hair, I don”t use hair curlers, obviously, but my girlfriend does. She seems to love it! I got it for her for our anniversary, and now I see her using it almost daily. I guess everything”s great!

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  • Klara Taylor

    The gadgets is exactly as I imagined it – every aspect is more than satisfying. And it even looks stylish and elegant, which is a plus. Time to learn new hairdos!

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  • Kristie Wall

    One of my girlfriends got me this auto hair curler for my birthday. I”ve never really thought about curling my hair, but after trying it once, I really like it. And the battery life is especially impressive for such a small gadget

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  • Sarah Edwards

    I”ve always dreamt about long and curly hair. The first part is easy, but my hair is completely straight. Well, with this thing is not! Now I choose curly hairstyles more and more often, and with this cordless curler it”s a piece of cake

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  • Brenda Forster

    Now there”s not a single trip that I take without this gadget by my side! I travel a lot an like my hair curly, so this thing is a life saver.

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  • Elizabeth Parra

    I”ve tried many different hair curlers, and this one is awesome all-around. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it sits in your hand and how quickly it heats up. Also, no burns with it so far, so the design is also very impressive

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  • Laurel Gilbert

    I”ve been using this hair curlers for just a few days now, but so far it”s just as described. The package arrived on time, and I”ve already tried a few different hair styles no problem.

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  • Carmen Martinez
    My hair is pretty curly naturally, but there”s always something I want to correct, so I finally decided to get a wireless hair curler. So happy I selected this one! I would be recommending it to my friends as well
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  • Mindy Tyler

    My previous hair curler was cumbersome, and I”m clumsy, so I always had burns on my neck or head. I guess not anymore, as this curler handles perfectly. And it”s cordless! Finally I”m not afraid of burning myself or screwing up the hairdo

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